Aayush Jain

I'm a product designer specializing in mobile UI/UX and growth. Currently building @Moments and was previously designing experiences at @Housing.



UI/UX Design

Fastest growing startup in India. Lets you find trusted apartments to live. Built interactive prototypes and wireframes for both web and mobile platform. Led data informed decisions to come up with meaningful solutions.

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Mobile UI/UX Design, Lead

Use the steps you walk to express your intensity of emotions towards your interests. From Idea to the launch of mobile app for both Android and iOS platform. Currently in beta on the app store.

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Co-founder and Designer

Zariya lets you meet people near you to learn things you were always curious about.Currently under development. Beta testing in a niche. Conceptualising and designing the product’s launch website and mobile app.

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Mobile UI/UX Design, Motion Design

A system that enables emotional communication using smartphone. Designed the interface for a chat based mobile application. Also created microinteractions and animations in the UI.

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Getting the job done, using jobs-to-be-done framework.

The story and process behind how I redesigned Foodpanda’s mobile app. Applied Product Thinking and JTBD framework to come to a unique solution —  you wont ask ‘what to eat?’ ever again! Appreciated by the global head of FP. ✨

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Interface for 1000 floors elevator

Designed the Interface for a elevator in a building of 1000 floors — as a part of a UX challenge. From analysing the problem to coming with a solution.

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